Ready for your Half Time Talk?

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As if by magic, six months have whistled past.

It’s Half Time 2021. How did you do?

Personally, I am tired, but happy. I built and launched my online program, Building Your Professional Brand. I think it is world class. I know it has been a lot of work.

I am excited about the possibilities it creates to grow my business. But I need a break before beginning that chapter.

Work got harder

Most of my clients have also worked very hard. Yes, there are pockets of the economy going gangbusters and some continue to struggle terribly. But the common thing I observe is people who are stretched and stressed.

Leaders are being asked to do more. Making hybrid office/work-from-home setups actually work is hard. It requires a degree of intentionality and energy that mostly happened unthinkingly in the ‘old-school office’ setup.

On the employee side, working remotely creates many challenges. I’ve spent ten years mastering it, but it requires the right set-up and lots of self-discipline and focus.


Your Half Time Talk

So now is a good opportunity to pause and ponder. To borrow a footy term, it’s time to ‘go into the sheds’ and have a good look at your first half performance.


However you have gone, rest is essential. Most of us underestimate the importance of doing nothing in building capability and performance. It’s counter intuitive.

I love the fact that we build our muscles only when at rest (having torn them in exercise). I know my personal levels of creativity, energy and even positivity are low right now. Rest fixes that.



Once rested, you need to reflect. Self-awareness is critical.

How are you really going?

Are you doing everything you can to show up at your best? That means great morning routines, sleeping and exercise, moderation in eating/drinking, staying outcomes-focused and making sure you are learning and growing.

It’s quite a list. It requires discipline. It’s on YOU.

In January, I asked whether you are choosing to be a victim or a hero. Now is a great time to re-visit that question.

I believe people fall into two piles.

Pile 1. Victim

This is the, “it’s all shit, not my fault, I am powerless, why doesn’t the Government/management/boss/they/someone do something/more?” pile. It is for people who expect to be rescued or bailed out. The plan is no-plan. Just wait, trust to luck and hope it will all be somehow OK in the end.

Pile 2. Hero

‘Hero’ needs explaining. It’s not ‘Hero’ as in capes and superpowers. This is Hero as in we can all be Heroes in our life story. We can all take responsibility for being our Heroic best self and making the most of our talents, resources and opportunities to create a life of meaning and purpose. One that we can be proud of. One that others would value and respect.

So Hero right?



On the other side of rest and reflection, it’s time to refocus. You need a plan. If your first half has been epic – more-of-the-same. If you’ve struggled, or realised that you are getting results in one area, but not in others (work – good /personal- bad is a classic), what needs to change?

Everything is possible

Let’s not forget, we are living in one of the most extraordinary periods in modern history. The giant pandemic re-set has levelled the field. We all get the chance to recalibrate and start again.

Use the next few weeks to make sure you are making the most of your opportunities.

Come out of the sheds ready for action.

Your second half should be extraordinary.

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