Getting in shape for the Great Restart

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We’re entering the most exciting/scary times of our lives. Can you feel it?


Over the course of the pandemic, many people have been quietly reflecting. “What’s fundamentally important?” “What do I really need and want?” You’ve probably also pondered these questions.


Consequently, many of us are making major life decisions; to up-sticks and move, to make that big trip, to end a relationship, to start again….


There’s an extraordinary sense of change in the air. Suddenly anything feels possible.


How can you go back to life the way it was?


Do you even want to?


The great resignation

There is talk of ‘the great resignation’. Research estimates that 40-50% of employees want to change their jobs once we are unequivocally on the other side of the C-19. That could mean finding similar work with more flexible conditions. Perhaps it’s a change of city. It may even mean a complete career and life transformation.


What are you prepared to give up?

If you are ready to downsize your work commitments and can afford to downsize your income, this process is simple (though not necessarily easy).


But if you want to change direction/upgrade your career and grow your income, you’ll need to make sure you are ready to seize the new day.


If not now, when?

I’m the most excited I’ve ever been about what the next few years holds in store. I know that many people are going to do amazing, surprising new things (and I’ve got a couple of big plans myself!).


I also know that to succeed, you will need to be brave and work hard. The great resignation is awesome – unless you think it’s all just going to happen for you. In which case it could end up as the great disappointment!


Get ready yourself ready for the Great Restart

Over the next 8 weeks, I am going to run a series of weekly webinars packed with ideas on how you can get in shape to win the Great Restart.


The first one is Thursday 14 October. I will share ideas on the importance of building a powerful professional brand you love. I’ll also introduce BRANDCAMP – my new brand bootcamp program that kicks off on 20 October. Details are below.


What will you do?

If you are serious about changing direction, there has never been a better time.


If not now, when?

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