Why it’s time to take AGENCY for your life?

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The events of the last two years have shown that we place a spectacularly high value on human life. It’s ironic then that so few of us take that precious life out for the full-on experience it deserves.


Are you driving or in the back seat?

“Of course, I’m driving”. But are you really? When it comes to directing the one life we get, most of us are somewhere between asleep at the wheel and checked out on the back seat – oblivious to what’s going on and where we’re headed.


I’ve been considering this question in preparation for my new book and webinar series – Winning The Great Restart – 6 Critical Shifts you for your future success.


The first shift is to take AGENCY over your life. If you just went along for the ride in the past, right now is a fantastic chance to grab the wheel.


Take AGENCY for your life.

The COVID years have changed everything. As we re-awaken from a globally enforced hiatus, you have the opportunity to rethink your place in a very different world.


You get to reinvent YOU.


To start again.


You can take control and responsibility for your life.


You have a chance to take or re-take Agency over your future.


Agency is a choice.


Agency is the ONLY choice.



Agency is your capacity to act independently and make your own free choices

Agency demands that you have a plan and take control.


It means being accountable and responsible.


Agency is on YOU.


Agency gives your life meaning

“Most lives end in disappointment” (Pankaj Mishra: Indian essayist)


Taking (back) Agency for your life is an antidote to regret.


Imagining a future, devising a plan and executing it to make that future a reality creates meaning and purpose.


Of course, it doesn’t come cheap!


Agency requires discipline, sacrifice, graft and grit.



The opposite of Agency is Fate

“Fate is a terrible writer” (Donald Miller).


Fate means abdicating responsibility.


Trusting to Fate – like Hope – is a terrible strategy.


Fate is the default for most.



Agency means swimming upstream

Agency is not encouraged.


‘Keeping us safe’. ‘Trust the system’


It is the path less travelled.


It means taking risks and challenging the consensus.


It is your freedom and your best future.



What are you choosing?

Like I said, Agency is the only choice for serious people.


Its own reward.


As we enter re-emerge into the most exciting/scary times we’ve ever known, what are you choosing?

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