Mark Hodgson


I spent 25 years as a corporate leader. My expertise was initially in media sales, but I became fascinated with leadership and change as I gained experience working in the UK, Central Europe, Russia and finally Australia. I decided to start my own leadership consultancy when I was made redundant. Having led a business transformation, turned a $1 million loss into a $4 million profit and empowered many great staff members to shine, my entire leadership team was 'exited'. Incensed by the stupidity and ever the maverick, I decided to take fate into my own hands.

It has been a journey of challenge, stretch but ultimately growth, learning, reward and - most importantly - happiness. Based on my own experience and study (including a degree in Change Management) and by partnering with organisations including ‘Thought Leaders’ and ‘About My Brain Institute’, I developed my own thought leadership and began to help others to do the same. That's gone from a trickle to a flood and each year, I mentor 25 people from around the world. I’ve also done a lot of great change, strategy and leadership work with teams - helping them to step up to meet today’s work and life challenges.

Along the way, I’ve done a lot of thinking. Today I reflect this in my writing, Keynote Speaking and TV commentary. I’m fascinated by how rapidly the business and social landscape is changing, the ‘new world of work’ and how - in particular - middle age leaders, consultants and entrepreneurs need to adapt. It is one of the greatest challenges of our time. I’ve become obsessed with helping people transform so that they can become confident and successful - to fall in love with work and life once again.

I’ve also learned that success is much more than money and become more conscious about giving back. I am proud to volunteer as a Telephone Crisis Support worker for Lifeline, the leading agency for Australians in crisis. I also love to volunteer for my local surf lifesaving club. Vanity and a lack of common sense, also see me fending off the ravages of time by surfboat rowing and turning out for my local Golden Oldies rugby team, the legendary Newport Nasties.

I live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. We call it ‘God’s country’ with good reason. Sharing my life with my beautiful wife, two great teenagers and my very special dog, Muddy keeps me grounded, optimistic, curious and happy.

If you are looking for a guide on your own journey, you might just be in the right place!
Mark Hodgson