Keynote 1

Building your Influence

what you need to DO, BE and BUILD to win

To succeed today we have to stand out. Being good at what we do no longer enough. We have to build our INFLUENCE. Whether we work for an organisation or ourself, it’s up to US to create the professional brand, thinking and content we need to attract business, customers and followers. Developing this new capability is super-important. Problem is, it doesn’t just happen.Helping people to build their CONFIDENCE and INFLUENCE is what Mark does! In this keynote, he brings to life what we need to DO, BE and BUILD to succeed.

What you’ll learn:

In a fast-moving and challenging presentation Mark covers

  • Building confidence
  • Unlocking your full potential (and why HUMANITY is your biggest asset)
  • How to create the content you need to get ahead
  • Why your mindset is as important as your ideas
  • How to get started

"Thanks so much Mark. Your session rated highly. Our people are already re-using VUCA world initiatives."

James Kavanagh, Executive General Manager, Corporate Travel, Flight Centre Group

"Thank you so much for your brilliant session at our 2018 VET CEO conference. The feedback has been exceptional."

Kerri Buttery, CEO, VELG Training

"Brilliant!. Mark knows his stuff and is a master influencer!"

Laura Durkan, Corporate Strategy, Head of HR, People, Business and Transformation, Richard Crookes Constructions

Keynote 2


why we all need to step up (and where to start)

We live in a VUCA World - Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. If we are to succeed in meeting the challenges this poses we need to step up the quality of leadership. It starts with us.

In this hi-energy keynote, Mark challenges us to understand why leadership has never been more important and what we need to do to lead first ourselves and then others to succeed.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why leadership has never been more important in achieving personal and business success
  • The new leadership skills we need to lead into the 2020s - Collaboration, Creativity, Agility and Resilience
  • That everything starts with Self-Leadership
  • How to bring out our inner-strength as leaders
  • Why humanity is our point of difference
  • How we can build our influence to lead with confidence

"Mark is a fantastic speaker. He really hit the mark at our Opera House thought leadership event."

Marc Washbourne, CEO, ReadyTech Group

"Thanks Mark - a great call to action. Already feeling out of my comfort zone in a good way!"

Kellie Langbecker, HR Leader, Four Pines Brewery

"Thanks for an awesome presentation today."

Jane Lees, CEO at National Training Masters

Keynote 3


We live in a ‘VUCA’ world of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Businesses have responded by leaning on their people, asking them to do more with less. Stress levels have increased and mental health issues are increasingly common. Unsurprisingly, performance suffers. We need to rethink our approach to leadership and find a better way to unite the wellbeing of both our people and our business. In this thoughtful keynote, Mark Hodgson explores how we can use a neuroscience-based approach to build the brain-friendly cultures that businesses now need to succeed.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why we need a new approach to show up consistently well at work and life
  • How a better understanding of our brain and bodies is essential to sustained performance and happiness
  • Mark unpacks the four pillars of the About My Brain Institute’s i4 Neuroleadership model that help us to unlock hidden strengths
  • Why the key competencies we need to master are Performance, Collaboration, Innovation and Agility
  • How developing our 'Neuroleaders' builds happier, more resilient, flexible and engaged staff and increased business performance

"I was in the audience yesterday at the VELG Conference. Thanks so much. I found your presentation to be really engaging and interesting, it was worth the price of admission on its own!"

Alex Daw, Catholic Education

"Thanks for a great session yesterday. I attended your session feeling exasperated, but left feeling invigorated. I wish my whole team could have been there."

Alina, Senior Manager, Tech Business

"Thanks so much for spending time with me and the crew Mark. You are extremely inspirational. I wrote 10 pages of notes!"

Laura Hewrman, Group Training Manager, Collective Learning

"I was at your presentation and loved your session. Yes please I would like a copy of your resources."

Jennifer Sorthy, National RTO Compliance Manager

Keynote 4


Are you a frustrated, mid-career, mid-life executive looking for change? Are you worried you’re at a dead end, risk redundancy or simply fed up with going through the motions? If so, Mark’s signature keynote, ‘Second Half Hero’ could be the inspiration you are looking for.

Mark has been on his own post-corporate ‘Second Half Hero’ journey for 7 years. He’s learned much and helped many others to align Family, Finances, Wellbeing and Purpose to become happy and successful.

Many people are unfulfilled and dissatisfied with themselves, their companies and their work. They know they want to and need to change, but don’t know how. In this deeply moving presentation, Mark helps them to understand what they want and set a process to achieve it.

3 frequent outcomes are:

  • A. REJUVINATION – A new sense of purpose and energy within corporate
  • B. REINVENTION – A portfolio career as consultant, thought leader or contractor
  • C. REDIRECTION – A Career-flip – e.g. become a farmer, tree surgeon, musician

The Second Half Hero Programme is offered as a group workshop and a keynote.Set up a call so we can work out what is best for you.

"Really valuable insights, and very thought provoking. Mark renewed my motivation to be the change I want to see"

Joanna Parsons, Change Manager, Rous Water

"Hi Mark. I really enjoyed your session at the Flight Centre Corporate leadership conference. Looking forward to getting stuck into your book ‘Time To Shine’."

Simone Seiler, GM Meetings and Group Travel CIE Events

"I was truly inspired by the content and passion in your session Mark. I am yet to read your book I received on the day as my staff have got their hands on it! They love it and in even a few days have started to change their thoughts and actions."

Wayne Johnstone, National RTO Manager, Rexcel Training

"I really enjoyed your presentation to Director Institute yesterday - most insightful."

Adrian Morey, Director, Calcutta Group

"Great presentation! Lots of positive current messages! Thanks!"

Nancy Pavlovic Director - Pavlov Group

"Mark was an excellent speaker. Highly engaging."

Clare Golding, Culture Manager, Clayton Utz


Mark Hodgson thank you for coming in to Jacob's and hosting a "Building influencing skills for leadership" session. You inspired me on the day and have positively impacted how I view and approach the way I work.

I am proud to say I have read your book (Time to Shine) cover to cover and loved every bit of it! Might not seem like an accomplishment to most however I'm not much of a reader... yet I couldn't put this book down. 315 pages in just over a month! Your short blog style chapters made it an ideal read on the train to and from work, really setting me up for each day. :)

Jess Smith, Manager, Jacobs Group

5 reason to

hire Mark



Mark is down-to-earth and relatable. His conviction and passion shines through to connect with audiences of all types.



Mark challenges his audience to THINK, DO, BE MORE True growth comes from stretching boundaries and perceptions



Mark's sharp wit keeps things moving.Learning should be fun!



Content is customised to hit the mark for your audience


Business R.O.I. beyond the keynote

Mark's follow-up resources, ensure ideas turn into action on Monday!