To succeed today, leaders have to stand out. Being expert and experienced is no longer enough. They must actively develop their INFLUENCE to attract the people, customers and resources necessary to win in volatile, uncertain and complex markets.
The BUILDING INFLUENTIAL LEADERS Webinar is delivered by Influence expert Mark Hodgson. It explores how leadership has changed and lays out a strategy for what leaders need to DO, BE and BUILD to become the INFLUENCERS and ACTIVATORS your business needs.


Turning your leaders into INFLUENCERS creates many benefits for both the individual and the business. But Influence doesn’t just happen. For many people it’s a new capability and developing it can be challenging. It’s more than amplifying existing expertise, IQ or experience. It requires new skills to be mastered, new mindsets to be developed and new relationships to be built. The BUILDING INFLUENTIAL LEADERS Webinar is designed to start to bridge this gap for managers and leaders looking to step up.

Across 50 minutes, Mark will Explore:
  • Building confidence
  • Unlocking your full potential (and why HUMANITY is your biggest asset)
  • How to create the content you need to get ahead
  • Why your mindset is as important as your ideas
  • The essential link between Influence and Activation (and why you need to do both)
Who's this for?
  • C-level execs wanting to develop their thought leadership
  • Leaders and Managers looking to drive business and increase market presence
  • Sales teams looking to increase revenue and margin through higher level conversations
  • Subject Matter Experts looking to improve their communication and impact
  • Young talent looking to showcase their thinking