Launching my Business Mastermind – and I’d love you to apply for a place

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The start of a new year is a great time to plan for your professional success and personal growth. But turning plans into results can be hard. It’s easy to get stuck or lose your mojo along the way – especially if you often work alone.  That’s why I am launching my Business Mastermind – and I’d love you to join me.


Join a peer group of smart people working together to make 2020 spectacular

How it works

Many people learn best in a collaborative environment where they are encouraged and supported, but also held accountable. That’s why my Mastermind is a combination of monthly immersions supported by 2-weekly group check-in sessions, monthly personal coaching with me and daily activity through my LinkedIn Accelerator Club.


The Detail

1. Mastermind Immersions

We’ll meet as a group one full day each month in Sydney (Feb-Dec). This is a supportive space where you can share experiences, gain new perspectives and ideas, receive feedback and develop the clarity you need to move forward with your business and personal aspirations.

Each immersion, you will spend time in the Mastermind Hot Seat. Here you share your challenges, plans and questions with a small group of peers. You will learn a lot from your own Hot Seat, of course. You will also be amazed by how much you benefit from participating in the Hot Seat sessions of fellow Masterminders.

Each month, we will also have a specific focus area. These will include goal-setting, self-leadership, growing confidence, building influence and personal productivity.

2. ZOOM group check-ins

Between each immersion, we’ll meet up online via ZOOM. This is a quick check-in to make sure you are on-track with your deliverables and clear on what to prepare for the next session

3. Monthly Coaching call with Mark

We’ll have a 30-minute coaching call to go deeper to maximise the value of your Mastermind investment.

4. Daily content creation

You’ll gain free access to my LinkedIn Accelerator Club. This is the perfect platform for growing your connections and conversions and building your Professional Brand.


Your Investment for:

  • 11 x Monthly Mastermind Immersions (Feb-Dec)
  • 11 x Monthly ZOOM group check-ins
  • 11 x Monthly Coaching call with Mark Hodgson
  • 12 months of access to LinkedIn Accelerator Club (CREATOR Level)

$11,000+GST for 11 months (1 month free)

or 11 monthly payments of $1,100+GST



This is not for everyone. Participation in the Mastermind Group is by invitation only. I need to make sure that this is the right programme for you and will deliver on your investment. Equally importantly, you need to be able to also bring something to the table for others. As stated here, the value is generated as much by the quality of the members as by my content and thinking.


Find out more

If the idea of working closely with me, and a select group of other successful entrepreneurs, coaches, business owners and execs (all focused on growing their income to the next level in 2020 and beyond) excites you… then simply email me now on [email protected]

We’ll then set up a call to work out if we are a good fit.

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