November 8, 2017
Mark Hodgson

Will you make the cut?

Most of us have past failures. I am a failed pilot. I was in the Royal Navy training to fly helicopters. Two years in, they decided I didn’t have the right stuff, so I hoisted anchor. Whilst not destined to become the next ‘Maverick’, I did learn a lot from my aircrew training.
October 25, 2017

Your Move

My wife, Nicki and I spent a decade moving home every year. From North London to South London (ne’er the twain!). From the UK to Hungary. Four more times within Budapest. Across the world to Sydney. Bondi (a DO NOT PASS GO visa imperative for incoming ‘Poms’), Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches (twice). Finally we were done!
October 19, 2017
Mark Hodgson

Why it pays to say less!

Not so long ago, futurists were telling us that we’d all need to find new ways to fill the hours of extra leisure time created by labour-saving technologies. Like flying cars, robot maids and jet packs, these starry-eyed predictions now seem laughably wide off the mark. Study after study tells us that we’ve never been busier.
October 11, 2017
Mark Hodgson

Shifting your Influence Dial

It’s funny how mildly disturbing things often appear to be comfortably in the future. Stuff you know you need to do, but that is going to require work, discomfort and courage. Then one day, that future is the present. Shit!
September 27, 2017
Mark Hodgson

Time to get busy building your Influence – here’s how

Part of the Time To Shine conversation is that we need to become intentional about building our influence. There’s an urgency about this. I wrote recently about the twin forces of kairos time and liminality that you may be feeling – the sense that it’s time for you to make your move.
September 20, 2017
Mark Hodgson

Rethinking Time to unlock your future success

Considering how much we are ruled by time, it’s surprising how little we think about it. Calendars, alarms, alerts and even watches (I know, ‘old school!’) – all beat to the tick, tick, tick that rules our every waking moment.
September 7, 2017
Mark Hodgson

Why Humanity is your point of difference

For seven years I’ve been running my consultancy business. For half of that time, I was working out which way was up. Unlearning 25 years of corporate memory muscle hurts! At the same time I was wrestling with what it takes to create the work/home life that we all dream of. Now that I am safely on the other side of the my personal ‘Hero’s Journey’, I can say that it has unquestionably been the hardest, yet most rewarding period of my career.
August 16, 2017
Mark Hodgson

How to have more ideas

This week I shared a coffee with a new mentoring client. I gave him a copy of the new edition of my book, ‘TIME TO SHINE: Adapting who you are and what you know to succeed in the ideas economy’
August 10, 2017
Mark Hodgson

Time to drop the act!

Have you noticed how successful people have a knack for making their life look less bumpy than yours? They glide across everyday challenges, unfazed by the dramas that conspire to frustrate your progress. If your dream is to make a good living doing your own thing, this lightness of touch can seem both attractive and unattainable. 
August 2, 2017
Mark Hodgson

What’s the Plan Malcolm?

I love travelling. There’s no better way to create a new perspective. After three weeks overseas I’ve found myself reviewing my thoughts on Australia. I think we’ve lost the plot. As a strategist, mentor and consultant, I work with businesses and individuals to create a better future. We work to set a vision and a plan to achieve it. So what’s the plan for Australia?
July 26, 2017
Mark Hodgson

What Currency are you carrying?

It’s that time of year when many of us head off overseas. Different country, different culture and different currency. I’ve recently returned from my native Britain. Fancying myself as something of a global traveler, I like to keep a bit of local currency in my wallet. (Not quite Jason Bourne, but it feels a bit ‘international’). When I arrived in London, I pulled out a five pound note to pay for a coffee - only to be declined. There’s a new fiver in town. I was out of date and out of luck.
June 29, 2017
Mark Hodgson

Are you 1 in a 100?

I recently heard a great presentation by Scott Ward of Digital Infusions. He introduced the notion of a 90/9/1 rule for industry, social and business network forums such as Linked In. According to Scott: