To succeed today you have to stand out. Expertise is no longer enough. You have to build your INFLUENCE.
Influence expert Mark Hodgson is offering free video access to his recent webinar “Building Your Influence”.  It will guide you through what you need to DO, BE and BUILD to make 2018 a breakthrough year for your success
He covers:
• Building confidence

• Unlocking your full potential (and why HUMANITY is your biggest asset)

• How to create the content you need to get ahead

• Why your mindset is as important as your ideas

• The 9 Strategic Focus Areas to building long-term success and happiness

Who needs to watch this?
Building INFLUENCE is critical for all professionals.

Key groups Mark works with include:

• Executives stuck in a rut or newly redundant

• Consultants wanting to grow sales

• Managers ready to step up

• Young talent looking for more

Wherever you are today, chances are it’s your TIME TO SHINE.

These videos will help you to overcome inertia and give you the confidence and strategy to kick off 2018 with a bang.