Get ready to catch the post-lockdown wave

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If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I am a keen surfboat rower.

One of the toughest parts of a surfboat race is rowing onto a wave. The aim is to ‘catch’ a wave (like a surfer) as the boat enters the ‘wave zone’ near the beach.

Rowing onto a wave is exhausting. The crew has to pull super-hard to accelerate the boat. When we don’t get it right, there is a terrible feeling as the surfboat teeters, tilts and then, agonizingly, falls off the back of the wave.

It slows. Every new stroke feels heavy. Rather than surfing majestically to the beach, the boat feels lifeless. It is very dispiriting for the crew.

Feeling stalled?
This is where many of us are right now with COVID. Having worked hard to kickstart 2020, ten weeks of lockdown has robbed us of all momentum and energy. Our plans lie in tatters. Devoid of success and any sense of progression, it’s easy for our confidence and energy to drop.

What’s your re-start sequence?
Back in the boat, we have to accelerate fast. We have a re-start sequence, perfected over many hard hours of training. It consists of taking shorter, faster strokes. It’s like changing down gears in a car to go up a hill or power out of a corner. This re-builds speed and positions us to catch the next wave.

We need to do the same in our business. We have to shift gears, think different, try new things to exit the lockdown with momentum, energy, purpose and hope.

Catch the wave or be smashed
This is an urgency to all of this. Once our boat is in the wave zone, we need to take decisive action. Not only is it important to catch the next wave to enjoy an effortless, free ride to the beach (and even medal glory!), failing to do so can be catastrophic.

Not catching the wave means you often end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Too close to the beach with no speed? You no longer catch the wave, it catches you! This usually involves being unceremoniously dumped and an unplanned swim.

Will you catch the Post-Corona wave?
We’re not sure what it looks like yet, but there will be a Post-Corona wave for you and your business to catch. Those who put themselves in a position to ride that wave will profit immensely.

Build Momentum
They will now be making all the right moves to build momentum. They will be curious, looking out for early signals of what the forming wave will look like? Where will it appear? When?

They will be making sure their team is aligned, united, fit and ready. Ready to accelerate, catch and surf that future wave, rather than miss, or, worse, be smashed or left behind by it.

It all starts now.

Now is the time to get your heavy boat moving.

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