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My wife, Nicki and I spent a decade moving home every year. From North London to South London (ne’er the twain!). From the UK to Hungary. Four more times within Budapest. Across the world to Sydney. Bondi (a DO NOT PASS GO visa imperative for incoming ‘Poms’), Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches (twice). Finally we were done!

Nine times in nine years, we went through the pain of packing. Occasionally we paid people to help. It sounds like a great idea, but never really worked. You see, packers pack – EVERYTHING. That’s convenient, but not effective. To ensure we’re not just dragging irrelevant baggage around the planet, we needed to make decisions. Hundreds of them – ‘BEDROOM 1’, ‘KITCHEN’, ‘STORAGE’, ‘TIP’, ‘DELICATE’, ‘VALUABLES’. It was exhausting.

The trick is to leave the right stuff behind
The art of a great move is to prune our lives for future growth. What do we need next? What’s no longer useful? What do we need to say goodbye to?

When we do this well, we are not just in a new place physically – we’ve also built a foundation for our personal and professional success.

Everything starts with decision
There’s no better time to ‘clean house’ than today. The good news is that you don’t have to go through the physical drama of moving (remember, the third most stressful life event after death and divorce!) to reap the benefits. You DO need to make choices - and then put energy into making them a reality. As my model below shows, there are four places we can find ourselves – Frozen, Frenzied, Frustrated and Focused. Only one of them is a good place to live!


Frozen (All ahead slow)
If you feel stuck, don’t know what you want and have no energy, you are ‘Frozen’. This feels like doing the same thing over and over. Groundhog Day. To move forward, you need to make some decisions. It may be useful to ask someone you respect for advice. You’ll also need to create momentum. One good way to do this is to impose a self-deadline. E.g. “I am not leaving my desk on Friday until I have set 3 clear goals and an implementation plan for the next 90 days”. It sounds daft, but it can be a great way to crack the ice and begin to make headway.

Frenzied (Spinning your wheels)
If you are running around like a headless chicken, never have any time, but are unclear on what you are actually achieving, chances are you live in the world of ‘Frenzied’. I see a lot of frenzied people. They lack clarity and use their ‘busyness’ as an excuse to avoid change.

To move from ‘Frenzied’ to ‘Focused’, we need to measure outcomes, not inputs. What are the things you do that take a lot of time and effort, yet generate little value? In his excellent productivity book, ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’, Tim Ferris used this idea to measure and then concentrate his efforts ONLY on the things that maximised outputs. He calculated that 20% of customers accounted for 80% of profit. So he sacked the unproductive customers, saved a mountain of time and spent that finding more customers exactly like his best ones.

Cures for ‘Frenzied’ include measuring your outputs and creating a TO DON’T list of things to stop doing (e.g. stop travelling to meetings - run them virtually instead). It’s about getting crystal clear on what you are trying to achieve and adjusting actions, habits and mindsets to make that a reality.

Frustrated (Can I have a push?)
You’ve decided what you want to do, who with and how. That’s 3 BIG TICKS, but getting started is tricky. It’s easy to become ‘Frustrated’. This should be a temporary phase, but can become permanent.

You need to get yourself out there and known. It’s time to Shift your Influence Dial . You may want to give free seminars and talks or facilitate meetings for your customers, peers or suppliers. You’ll definitely need to build a network (LinkedIn is a great tool) and you should be writing a regular business blog. Investing in a great mentor is also essential (I may know one!).

Focused (Warp speed Scottie)
This of course is where you want to be. You are clear on what you want and how that will create the commercial and personal success you dream of. You are highly active, yet productive. You are ‘Focused’ – which is the foundation for your ongoing success.

Start today
As we begin the last lap of 2017, it’s a great opportunity to think about where you want to be next. You probably won’t be moving home, but you should definitely be thinking about moving on.


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