love to help people grow and am passionate about getting results that stick. I come from love. I’m also pretty direct and challenging, so we’ll be sure to have moments of tension that typically lead to the best learning. As I have something of a dry wit, we’ll also have a lot of fun.

Below are some of the individual and team programmes that I run as a mentor, facilitator and speaker. Book in a conversation and we can explore the best existing or bespoke options for you or your team.

Laura Durkan
EGM Strategy | Head of HR & People Richard Crookes Constructions

"Working with Mark will give you a huge confidence boost. He has an exceptional ability to really understand your strengths and what you are trying to achieve".

Dr Sarah McKay
Founder at The Neuroscience Academy

Mark’s coaching was a complete game-changer in how I 'sell' my ideas. He's got a great sense of humour and is an invaluable sounding board

Scot Pittaway
General Manager, Intact Group

“Mark has been an incredible mentor and coach. I recommend him to anyone who wants to make that next step in their career and become the leader they've always wanted to be.”

Marc Washbourne
CEO, ReadyTech Group

Mark is an authentic, human, intelligent and caring coach and mentor. He has been great in pushing and supporting me through my personal and our company journey. A great thinker and very experienced in vast areas of business.




Frustrated you are not earning what you know you are worth, doing your best work or fulfilling your potential as a leader? In the Thought Leaders Personal Mentoring Program, we’ll combine ‘real time’ and ‘your time’ online resources to help you systematically fulfil your potential as a sought-after expert and influencer. Underpinning everything, you’ll be immersed in the proven ‘Thought Leaders’ curriculum. This shows you everything you need to ‘know’, ‘be’ and ‘do’ to stand out as a thought leader.

You’ll work closely with me across 6 months in a personalised, immersive process that will create the thinking, confidence and shifts you need. Whether you are a consultant looking to create a profitable practice based around your ideas, or a leader wanting to stand out in your organisation, there’s no better way to build confidence and results.



ACTIVATING BRAND YOU – ONLINE PROGRAMME (coming early 2018) The world’s changing at a breakneck pace. Traditional jobs are disappearing. It’s up to you to take responsibility for the future success of your career, your family and yourself. Whether you are an employee, a consultant, an entrepreneur or a business owner, you need to be selling yourself every single day.

It’s time to ACTIVATE BRAND YOU This may feel daunting. Getting help is smart. The ACTIVATING BRAND YOU programme makes the process fast, fun, effective and affordable. Co-designed by thought leadership expert, Mark Hodgson and brand marketing expert, Simon Jordan, this online programme is the perfect way to supercharge your confidence and personal brand.

You’ll no longer rely on an out-of-date resume, a boring LinkedIn profile or ‘contacts’ for your future success. Instead you’ll have done the thinking, developed the collateral and built the networks and mindsets that you need to succeed today.



Are you a frustrated, mid-career, mid-life executives looking for change? Are you worried that you are at a dead end, risk redundancy or simply fed up with going through the motions? If so, my ‘Second Half Hero’ programme can help.

Many people are unfulfilled and dissatisfied with themselves, their companies and their work. They know they want to and need to change, but don’t know how. I help them to understand what they want and set a process to achieve it.

3 frequent outcomes are:

A. REJUVINATION – A new sense of purpose and energy within corporate
B. REINVENTION – A portfolio career as consultant, thought leader or contractor
C. REDIRECTION – A Career-flip – e.g. become a farmer, tree surgeon, musician

I’ve been on my own post-corporate ‘Second Half Hero’ journey for 7 years. I’ve learned much and helped many others to align Family, Finances, Wellbeing and Purpose to become happy and successful.

The Second Half Hero Programme is offered as a group workshop and an individual mentoring programme. Set up a call so we can work out what is best for you.



Do you know where you are going to? In the fast-change world, it’s easy to get derailed by the noise of day-to-day and the demands of short term metrics. 5 year business plans are too slow, but we do need to capture a medium-term, aspirational target to keep teams motivated, united and pushing beyond reasonable.

In the 2020 Vision Workshop, I’ll spend half a day working with your Leadership Team to map out the 3 Year Vision and capture it in a tight One Page artefact with specific deliverables. The result is the creation of an accurate, aspirational and strategic vision for where you want to be in 3 years and a detailed map of objectives and timings to get there.



Traditional sales and marketing ‘push’ strategies are failing fast. Time-poor customers are switching off to unsolicited approaches. Successful businesses must now build a ‘pull’ strategy that attracts target customers and partners.

The best strategy is to leverage the expertise of your key staff to create the information and opinion you know will help your clients. You then communicate this through blog posts, white papers and trade-articles. The challenges is to create the time, confidence and discipline for your experts to bring out their inner thought leader!

The Blog or Die Programme fixes these problems. In a high energy, one-day workshop, Mark Hodgson equips delegates with all of the mental and technical skills they’ll need to create a continuous stream of high quality content.



The rules have changed. To succeed today, leaders have to stand out. Being expert and experienced is no longer enough. They must actively develop their INFLUENCE to attract the people, customers and resources necessary to win in volatile, uncertain and complex markets.

Turning your leaders into Influencers creates many benefits for both the individual and the business. But Influence doesn’t just happen. For most people it’s a new capability that many find challenging. It requires new skills to be mastered, new mindsets to be developed and new relationships to be built. The Build Your Influence Workshop is designed to bridge this gap for managers and leaders looking to step up.

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COVID-19 has shown us that life is uncertain. We need to take responsibility for our own success.

There will never be a better time to reboot your career, invest in your growth and leave behind that feeling of frustration.



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