What’s holding you back.

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I recently ran my BUILDING YOUR INFLUENCE webinar; a one-hour introduction to help people understand:

– Why creating a compelling professional is now imperative

– What the influence game looks like

– How to get fit to play it

– A 9 stage blueprint – what you need to DO, BE and BUILD to grow


Questions, questions…

To find out more about my audience, I asked them all a simple question – ‘What’s holding you back from building your personal brand and influence today?’


Here’s what they said

Fear I can’t manage the workload


Lack of a plan

No confidence in my skills due to several career set backs

No self-belief

Self-confidence and knowing where to start

Can’t communicate my value to gain support in my workplace

Not enough time

Fear I don’t have much to say


Not enough contacts

I get discouraged

Fear of negative comments from colleagues


Why you’re special (but not unique!)

Are some of these the same things that may be holding YOU back? I have mentored several hundred clever people through the process of putting themselves out there. I’ve seen all of these issues many times. That’s way I say to my clients when they voice these fears, “You’re special, but you’re not unique.”


We ALL doubt ourselves. We don’t think we are smart enough, connected enough, creative enough, confident enough or popular enough. We fear no one will like the content we create, or, worse, ridicule our efforts (actually VERY rare). We also think we’re the only ones who feel like this.



Everyone has the same fears, self-doubts and objections. Sure, getting started takes a bit of courage. Your first pieces of content and commentary are likely to be rough – but that’s OK. As my mate Matt Church says – “Write like no one is reading it” – because in the early days, that will probably be the case.


The people who matter don’t mind

Don’t let early nerves and wobbles put you off starting the journey. You’ll find support and encouragement from people who have your back and think more of you than you know. It won’t be long before you have a bit of momentum and belief.


I believe with all my heart that, in a digital age, not creating a professional online brand that showcases who you are and how you help is just plain dumb. Over the next few years this split will become increasingly obvious and divisive.


As my model shows, there are two very different futures – for those who carry on trading just on their expertise/experience and those who ACTIVATE this through a content creation strategy to become market INFLUENCERS with their own online brand and positioning.


Back yourself

No one wants to be seen as IRRELEVANT, OLD or TIRED. In the contest for jobs, promotions and sales, it’s obvious that the CONNECTED, DIGITAL and SMART are likely to win.  So don’t sit on the sidelines. Time to jump in. Time To Shine.


Watch the Webinar Now

The good news is that we recorded my BUILDING YOUR INFLUENCE webinar. Check it out and give yourself a chance to build your best possible future. I dare you.

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