Washed out to Wise Elder: reimagine your experience to reboot your career

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I’m having a lot of similar conversations with older professionals.

Some feel under pressure in a role or business they no longer fit. Some enjoy job security but are unfulfilled. Others are unemployed or worry they are likely to be soon.

Almost all of these people feel they face the challenge of Ageism.

Are you past it?

If you are middle aged and mid-career, it may feel that the world wants to paint you as a bit past it.

You grew up in an analogue world that is now digital.

Everything is accelerated.

The traditional ‘advantage’ of time-served over younger peers is diminished. You may even feel it counts against you. Much of your knowledge is likely to be outdated and increasingly irrelevant.

Turn experience into WISDOM

Whilst it is true that (rightly or wrongly) experience is less valued that it used to be, that doesn’t mean you can’t still use it to keep your career moving. The key is to turn that experience into Wisdom.

So rather than stand, arms-folded, and tell the world some version of “I’ve been in this industry/business for 20 years. I remember when the first X was introduced, and it took 10 staff 6 weeks to do ABC………”, better instead to reflect.

Interrogate your experience to unlock learning, patterns and trends

Rather than simply listing your experience, critically examine it.

What trends can you see?

What did you do in certain situations?

What worked?

What didn’t?

How can you apply lessons from your past to current problems?

How can you adapt old knowledge to be relevant now?

What is your gut telling you?

If you break down your experience, what were the inflection points?

What were the lead indicators?

Are there similar tell-tales you see today?

How did you see change well, or badly led?

What did you learn about people?

Washed out to Wise Elder

By applying this thinking, you create Wisdom that can be applied to solve current problems and develop new opportunities.

Add in a great attitude and get-shit-done energy and you can go from being perceived as

past-your-prime to a wise elder who brings plenty to the party.

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Your best is yet to come

At its heart, this is about creating an optimistic view of your future rather than a nostalgic view of the past.

Your best years are still ahead – if you let them be.

What are you choosing?

I work with many clients in their 50s, 60s and 70s who have an abundance of wisdom and positivity. Age only becomes a barrier to your ongoing career success if YOU let it.

Yes, you must work harder to counter the ageism and bias towards the young and more technical. But with the right attitude and approach you can mine your wealth of experience and turn it into the insight, strategy and market influence you need to keep your career moving.

Work with me

If this resonates and you are interested in working with me to reboot your career, book here. We’ll make a plan to get your career and life moving again.

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