Is your team ready to take the SURFBOAT CHALLENGE?

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Fed up with dull leadership training? Bored of ho-hum year end celebrations? It’s time to get your team out of the office and onto the water.

Take the Surfboat Challenge. This is a one-day team-building experience that gets your people working and playing together whilst also learning some great leadership lessons.

Learning Outcomes include; improved problem-solving, collaboration, team-cohesion, trust-building and communication.

We start at stunning Warriewood beach on Sydney’s Northern beaches for some leadership fun and games. After a light lunch, it’s across to Bayview on the scenic Pittwater, where the hard fun begins.

You’ll be introduced to surfboat rowing within the safe confines of this beautiful inland waterway. After a safety briefing and some basic instruction, it’s time to WEDGIE UP! Your team will take their first strokes as crew members of a 7-metre surfboat.

They’ll learn the importance of timing, balance and what ‘all pulling together’ really means! Making a surfboat go fast is the ultimate test of teamwork.

Once we’ve mastered the basics, it’s RACE TIME. The GUN’S UP! Crews will compete for the coveted BOATIE’S CUP. Which boat will nail the start? Who will stuff up the ‘Buoy-o’ turn? Who will hold it together to hit the beach and glory?

Finally, it’s back to Bayview for the medal ceremony. Your team will end the day with some great war stories and smiles as we share a drink and a bite.

The Surfboat Challenge team
The day is designed and run by leadership expert, Mark Hodgson, who is also an active surfboat rower. Mark brings together a crew of qualified surfboat experts and lifesavers to keep your team in safe hands on and off the water.

Who’s this for?
The Surfboat Challenge is an experiential leadership programme designed to build teams and confidence in a fun-based, outdoor environment. The morning session is tailor-made to reflect your team’s specific needs. The on-water lessons of what it takes to make a surfboat go faster are timeless. The day suits leadership teams and groups looking to bond, build, re-build or simply celebrate a good year or project.

The programme is for 8-12 participants (although if you are a couple short, we can probably arrange some ringers!). All participants must be modestly fit and able to swim.

The Surfboat Challenge programme is run on selected weekdays between November and April. Slots are strictly limited. It is run only on the Pittwater inland waterway (not the open ocean) and may be subject to postponement in the event of bad weather.

What’s included?
• Planning, delivery and resources for morning leadership session
• Surfboat Challenge t-shirts and baseball caps
• Participant Medals
• Catering of light morning snack and post-rowing burgers and drinks
• All resources, equipment and staffing.



Is your team ready to take the SURFBOAT CHALLENGE?  Book a time with Mark to discuss this one-day team-building experience or call on 0425 230 335.

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