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I’m a little tired. You probably are too. As we enter the stadium for the last lap, having run our personal marathon since January, the finishing line approaches. What kind of shape are you in? Are you coming home strong in front of a roaring crowd, or more limping across the line, unnoticed?

The New World of Work is tough
It’s natural to be tired of course. This ‘New World of Work’ is tough. The early breathless excitement about all the possibilities is being replaced. For many, the technology-enabled, agile and frictionless new marketplace offers up more uncertainty than opportunity. In the gig-economy, workers are reduced to units of production - turned ‘on’ and - just as quickly - ‘off’ in response to demand. My daughter has now had 3 hospitality jobs where she is regularly sent home part-way through a rostered shift because the business is quiet or the managers have planned poorly. Her time is deemed to have no value. Uber and AirBnB similarly enjoy the $$$ from administering the services they market, but offer no income guarantees to drivers or accommodation providers. All great for the business bottom line - but for the people?

Professionals are under pressure too
Offshoring, globalisation, A.I. et al. I know there are many optimistic forecasts about the yet-to-emerge jobs that will ensure happy-ever-after for many, but I just don’t see it. Compared to robots, software and machine-learning, people are expensive and unreliable. I can’t think of one disrupted sector that’s going to need vast numbers of new employees. The one exception is aged care, which (worthy work as it is) pays terribly, is few peoples’ idea of a good time and - anyway - is already well in the sites of the robot legions.

Time to Step Out
Against this backdrop, the only given is continuing uncertainty. I come back time and again to my Big Idea for 2017. Humanity is our Point of Difference. The only logical response to securing our future professional and personal success is to amplify what make us unique. We need to become Influencers. We need to Step Out.

The late, great David Bowie put it like this;

Give yourself permission to start
You have to be brave. You have to become vulnerable and move into areas of discomfort. From mentoring many people each year, I know that lack of confidence is the most common impediment to smart people reaching their potential. Influence is the new currency of leadership. Whether we work for a large organisation of ourselves, we have to invest in systematically building it. It doesn’t just happen.

Get a plan
The best way to start is with a plan. You need to strategically invest in Stepping Out. It has to be a long-term, sustainable and consistent evolution of you - not just an occasional flash of brilliance. The good news - I’ve already got one for you. My gift. You can register below for immediate access.

Mark Hodgson
Make the next lap a doozy
I started this piece by stating that I am tired. That’s true, but I am also very contented. I’ve run a good race - in work and life. Next year is going to be even better.

I hope that has been your year too. Yes or no, I think you’ll find the Building Your Influence teaching will help.


Mark Hodgson
Mark Hodgson

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