Are you a frustrated, mid-career, mid-life executives looking for change? Are you worried that you are at a dead end, risk redundancy or simply fed up with going through the motions? If so, my ‘Second Half Hero’ programme can help.

Many people are unfulfilled and dissatisfied with themselves, their companies and their work. They know they want to and need to change, but don’t know how. I help them to understand what they want and set a process to achieve it.

3 frequent outcomes are:
A. REJUVINATION – A new sense of purpose and energy within corporate
B. REINVENTION – A portfolio career as consultant, thought leader or contractor
C. REDIRECTION – A Career-flip – e.g. become a farmer, tree surgeon, musician

I’ve been on my own post-corporate ‘Second Half Hero’ journey for 7 years. I’ve learned much and helped many others to align Family, Finances, Wellbeing and Purpose to become happy and successful.

The Second Half Hero Programme is offered as a group workshop and an individual mentoring programme. Set up a call so we can work out what is best for you.

“What struck me most was Mark’s passion for ideas and genuine enjoyment in what he does”
Chris Smith, Strategy Director 
Job Ready

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