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Do This - Create

1. How do you share your content with the world?

Quietly. I go deep with a few close colleagues
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Loudly. I publish a (mostly) regular blog or speak at industry or work events

Do This - Engage

2. How often do you reach out to your current and future clients?

Sporadically. It's usually when they call me and ask for something.
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Regularly. I often call to see what they're up to or share interesting articles or events I come across.

Do This - Execute

3. If an honest friend reviewed your work they'd say:

Step up, mate! You are not doing yourself justice.
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Seriously? You did that? It's brilliant and I want to share it with my professional network.

Be This - Productive

4. What's your approach to deadlines?

Denial. Followed by panic when it doesn't go away, get delayed or do itself.
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Deliberate. I block out enough time in my calendar to get it to 80% done by D-day.

Be This - Strategic

5. Your career strategy is mostly:

Ad hoc. Inertia rules. I'd prefer known misery than uncertain happiness.
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Intentional. Highly managed. I'm playing a long game with a clear objective in mind.

Be This - Accountable

6. A project you're working on flops (badly). How do you react?

I call a trusted friend and whinge about how everything went wrong.
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I make a list of the failure points, possible causes and ideas for eliminating error next time.

Build This - Resilience

7. And when that project flops (badly), how do you feel?

Flattened. That's the last time I try something like that.
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Curious. The strategy looked good on paper so I wonder why it didn't work?

Build This - Support

8. How would you describe your professional network?

Small and inherited. I avoid networking and connect only with people who seek me out.
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Large and diverse. I seek out networking opportunities and people I want to meet.

Build This - Community

9. When you think about the people who support you, you feel like:

A lone wolf. Very few people get what I'm about and why I do what I do.
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An only child. Safe and supported by people who love me and want the best for me.