Pinch of Thought – Are you seizing the day, or hitting the snooze button?

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How are you doing?

It probably depends on where you are in the world. You may be excited about your first overseas holiday in a while or looking forward to attending this weekend’s live sport or a work conference.

In Australia (and many other places), you will probably be enduring another week of lockdown. It’s draining and dispiriting. Staying focused and motivated in a sea of uncertainty is hard. Add in home-schooling and a claustrophobic home/work/live setup and it’s easy to let your head drop.


Where are you really at?

For many, the lockdown reality is such that just keeping everything together is all that can realistically be achieved. If that is you, hang tough, know that you are doing your best, and that this WILL end.

But if this is not you, you have spare capacity and the conditions to do something positive with it, are you making the most of this enforced break?

Because we are entering a period of unparalleled possibility. The post-pandemic world will be very different. You have the chance to reposition, reinvent and recalibrate to make the next decade your best ever.


Where do you want to go?

What’s your dream?

What’s your plan to make it real?

What are you learning?

Who are you reaching out to?


There’s no time to waste.


Do the work. Do it NOW.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Are you seizing the day, or hitting the snooze button?

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