4 questions to help you create unique content (that Chat GPT can’t)

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I spent the weekend in Melbourne with my daughter and her boyfriend, who is a tech developer. He was showing me what ChatGPT could do and I was pretty blown away.

It is an amazing tool. Doubtless it will be be used to create more content, raising the quality bar, but also 10x the amount of noise in your inbox and newsfeed.

Cutting through all of this to grab the attention of your audience will become even harder as readers swipe past article after article of Chat GPT-generated meh!

To counter this you need to create unique content that stands out. In other words, you need to develop your thought leadership.

Bring your expertise to life

Thought leadership is about activatingyour expertise by turning knowledge into actionable solutions and connecting ideas in a way that solves customer problems.

It requires original thought! That’s why it’s so commercially potent and goes well beyond what A.I. can do.

4 questions that will help create unique content that people will want to read!

The following questions will help you to frame your thinking more persuasively.


1. What’s really going on? (CONTEXT)

It’s easy to get stuck in detail. Thought leaders see the bigger picture and identify it. They cut through the noise, perceive and call out the patterns and trends. They join-the-dots before others and scan multiple sources and sectors for new possibilities (not just observing narrow ‘market trends’).

This is all about setting the CONTEXT.


2. What do I think about that? (OPINION)

We tend to play safe in a business environment. Thought leadership is, above all things, about having a point of view. Clearly articulated. Without fear and without seeking consensus.

Be bold and don’t be afraid to throw some rocks at the status quo – this can creates new solutions/conversations and therefore genuinely contribute to solving contemporary problems.

3. How do I know? (DATA)

Thought leaders have a depth and breadth of up-to-date expertise. They use this to support their position. They also understand the importance of connecting the supporting information in a way that resonates with the audience, rather than merely stacking data in dry academic fashion.

White papers, research reports, international new sites and your own numbers are all valuable sources of data that can support your insights.

4. What should you do? (PRESCRIPTION)

Thought leadership is a commercial activity designed to make money (get promoted, pay rise, new role, new clients, attract capital and sales).

It’s not enough to luxuriate in a sea of wonderful ideas, TED-style. Thoughts have to be anchored in the real world with actionable steps.

Right now, people are looking for solutions and leadership. They will value you telling them what to do next.


Time to THINK

ChatGPT is a great tool, but, like a calculator, it can’t actually think. I already meet a lot of smart people who do not think – and tools like ChatGPT will accelerate this. They enable you to produce credible, well-written content, without really thinking at all.

I believe that this will place a greater priority and value on genuinely original content. My 4 question framework above will help.

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