February 27, 2019

A proven strategy to build and commercialise your personal brand

If you were in any doubt, now is the time to get serious about building your influence and personal brand. The recent Royal Commission into the rip-off culture within Australia’s financial institutions has left a lot of reputations in tatters. It’s never been more important for professionals to create a personal brand that showcases their thinking, integrity and ability to solve problems that matter.
February 20, 2019

Are you making your own luck?

I’m not a massive fan of Christmas. For me the supposed ‘upside’ of family, community and connection is often drowned out by the pressure-cooker of stress and impossible expectation. For some reason I really enjoyed the 2018 celebration. We had a very calm, chilled and fun day.
January 23, 2019

If you never try you’ll never know

I was in tears last week watching what was probably the last ever match played by tennis great Andy Murray at the Australian Open. Murray is (was:) one of the ‘big four’ of tennis. In what most judge to be the most competitive mens’ era ever, he rose to be world number 1. and won three Grand Slams in the rarefied company of Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic and, the ultimate ‘great’, Roger Federer.
December 19, 2018

A Time to Pause, a Time To Shine

I think 2018 will prove to be a pivotal year. Digital everything is here and here to stay - deeply and irreversibly embedded. That’s both good and bad. The technology now available to all of us through a few clicks is astounding. We can do business with a global economy wirelessly over a latte (double-shot, extra hot!).
December 5, 2018

Building Your Confidence to Shine

“That was really scary” These were the words of one of my client’s last week. She was talking about how she had felt about publishing her first ever LinkedIn post. The words had been good to go for some time ……
October 24, 2018

Big boys join the co-working club

Looking for company I’ve been looking for a while now to find a central Sydney location to base myself for a few days each week. Working alone can become onerous. It’s easy to get isolated, so it makes sense to connect - both socially and commercially.
September 19, 2018
Mark Hodgson http://markhodgson.com.au/

Setting the VISION for business success. Do you know where you’re going to?

‘We did it!’ This was the subject line of an email I recently received from the CEO of my longest standing business client.
September 4, 2018
Mark Hodgson

Back to basics – 5 leading thinkers takes on the DNA of success

‘Buy now, Pay later’. That’s the Afterpay promise. For those not in the know, this is that latest version of what used to be called “living on the never never”. Apart from being an insidious siren song sure to lure the unwary into debt, it’s a great example of the modern penchant for instant gratification.
July 4, 2018


A picture paints ……. I’ve been publishing the Pinch of Thought blog for a few years now. As regular readers know, a big part of playing the Influencer game is getting across new technology. Video is not new, but, it’s becoming increasingly important because most search engines now rank it above written blogs.
June 20, 2018
Mark Hodgson

Build your INFLUENCER 5 Pack to stand out in uncertain times

I recently undertook some research around job prospects in ‘the future of work’. Long story short, opinions are polarised. Some expert bodies believe that technology will cut 20-30% of all jobs (both low and high-skill). Others argue that a raft of new roles with Star Trek-sexy titles will materialise and we’ll all be just fine.
June 13, 2018
Mark Hodgson

It pays to walk

There’s no little irony that it has taken a technological gizmo to provoke business leaders to get off their corporate bums and engage in that lowest tech of activities – the humble walk. It all started with the Fitbit - a watch-like device that measures the number of steps taken by its wearer each day. ‘Peak Fitbit’ occurred in 2017.
May 30, 2018
Mark Hodgson

How to make Collaboration a skill not a soundbite

Collaboration is one of those bullshit bingo buzz-words tossed around organisations like confetti. It implies ‘teamwork’ and that ‘we’re all in it together’. Which of course is how it should be – it’s just rarely true.